Wir nehmen zu diesem Zeitpunkt keine neuen Bestellungen an.


Doorstart Lil.nl

Per 10 juni is Lil.nl weer geopend na de doorstart door Diek Invest. Alleen artikelen die op voorraad zijn, kunnen momenteel besteld worden. Heeft u vragen hierover, mail gerust naar klantenservice@lil.nl . Heeft u voor 1 mei besteld? Dan kunt u hieronder het bericht van de curator lezen. Ons doel is in de komende periode weer volledig assortiment te voeren, hier wordt momenteel hard aan gewerkt. Op dit moment kunt u dus gewoon weer bij Lil terecht, maar dan bij een nieuwe eigenaar. En alles wat bestelbaar is, dat is op voorraad!



Bericht vanuit de curator n.a.v. het faillissement 

Dear sir, madam / relation,

In my message of April 25th, 2018, as liquidator of Lil.nl B.V., Rob & Ruby B.V. and Designwonen.com B.V., I informed you about the bankruptcies. I hereby give you an update and the status of the bankruptcies:

1. As indicated, the activities have been discontinued.
2. Delivery of any order and / or returned goods cannot and will no longer take place.
3. Meanwhile, many claims have been submitted. Your claim has been placed on the list of provisionally acknowledged claims.
4. This list will be published around May 21st, 2018, together with my first general report in the bankruptcies.
5. You can follow the progress of the bankruptcies on https://insolventies.rechtspraak.nl, (see below for an example of the webpage) on which my three monthly report will be published. 
6. The first will be published around May 21st, 2018.
7. My reports I will, among other things, state the position and cause of the bankruptcies and report on the legality of the course of events.
8. The settlement of the bankruptcies will take some time, how long is unknown at this stage.
9. Whether a payment on your claim can be made in due course is still unknown, but the chance of this is very small.
10. Should that be possible, it will come apparent from my aforementioned general reports and explained.
11. I understand that this course of events is drastic and frustrating for you, but unfortunately I cannot change that.

I have received a large amount of e-mails and letters (more than 5,000) from customers, so it is not possible to answer each email or letter individually, so I assume that this mail provides you sufficient information for now. 

I hereby hope to have properly informed you, and thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

R.J. Frans